Build a PC with Budget of Rs 50K (~$800) with R9 280X

Hey Guys,
Want to build my first PC. I'm more or less decided upon the GPU - R9 280X. ( Probably will go with the ASUS). Can you help me with the other combo.
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  1. sure what sites are you wanting to shop from?
  2. Hey,
    I'm from India. So there not a lot of online retailers.
    But I'll prefer to buy the stuff locally. Also I'm able to get a good deal on HIS 280X card. Is HIS a good manufacturer and reliable. I want to use this system for next 2-3 years
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    HIS is a good manufacturer my HIS 7950 is an amazing card, does it have the IceQx2 cooler?? That is a really nice one and is what I have
  4. This is the model -
    It has IceQ cooler not the IceQx2. Now the issue is this model I'm getting at Rs. 22K ( $355 at today's Rs to dollar conversion).
    THe ASUS R9 280X DC 2 Top model retails at Rs. 27K ( $ 436). The IceQx2, being the top model of HIS should be priced similar to ASUS. Now i don't think that the model I'm getting and the TOP model from HIS justifies this huge $81 difference. I'll probably settle with HIS normal version, assuming noise and temp are within limits of the TOP model.
    Could you also suggest motherboard and other stuff ?
    Also is FX-8320 a good fit
  5. IS the FX-8350 only a bit more? And the HIS IceQ is good in the sense that all hot air is pushed out the rear of the case , and get a nice ASRock 990FX motherboard. And also be sure to get a quality power supply from a company like Seasonic
  6. 8350 is like $50 more than 8320.
    Also what you think about the Asus M5A97 Motherboard.
    WIth 280X, will 600W be enough. Because in HIS site, the power supply requirement is posted to be around 750W
  7. Even though I think a nice 600W would be enough I myself would heed the manufacturers suggestions
  8. patrick47018 - thanks man for your help
    I bought the system yesterday.... too much happy
    Fx- 8320
    Asus M5A97 R 2.0
    His IceQx2 280X
    Seagate 1tb
    Corsair Vengence 4GB
    Corsair CX 600 80 plus Bronze
    Corsair 300R
    Dualshock Gamepad
    Max Pro Wireless Mouse
  9. No problem, have fun with it
  10. those manufacturers suggestions are as far as i know aimed at crappy psu's.. so a crappy 750w psu would actually be a 550w psu or something like that.

    A decent 550/650 watt psu will be perfect for any mid/high end build with 1 gpu.

    And nice build.. Have fun with it!!
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