$1500 dollar pc build, for editing/gaming

Hey guys, I'm currently busy trying to put a nice computer together using the best components I can get, but I need your opinion on some stuff.. This is my first time building a PC

To begin with I'm not sure where I want to buy my components, I live in Europe so Alternate may be a good choice. But if I look up price differences between Alternate and lets say Amazon, Amazon comes out a lot cheaper.

This is my current list, remember I want to use this pc to edit with programs such as Sony Vegas, Cinema 4D, adobe after effects etc.


ASRock Z87 Extreme4 (I don't see why I should get any higher, like Extreme6, but maybe I should?)


MSI Z87-G45 Gaming


i7-4670k, I know I need this for editing, the i5-4670K won't fit my style I think.

CPU Cooler:

Cooler Master Hyper212 Evo(got this recommended by many sites)

Graphics Card:

I'm not really sure where I want my graphics card from but I think I will go with the MSI N760 4gb OR MSI N770 2gb, any tips on which one I should get? Since they have little price difference.


Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3-1600 Should be enough for now, I can always put another 8GB in my system if I feel I need to. Or is this alot of work? Again, this is my first build ever.


SATA: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200.14. (1 TB should be enough for a while, or is it hard to place another 1TB in my system in the future?)

SSD: I'm not sure if I will get one yet, because I want to keep my budget under 1500 dollar, maybe I can get one later?

Power Supply:

I'm not an expert on computer parts, defenitly not when it comes to power supply, any suggestions? I think I will need atleast 650W.


I will need Windows 8.1.


I like the Zalman Z11 Plus because of its look, but I'm not sure if it's big enough for everything and if it's durable.

I would appreciate all the advice I could get. Also, how long do you think this system will be up to date, and how durable are the parts? I hope my story is clear, sorry for the bad english.

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  1. Everything here is good, but you should get the AMD card, Adobe and Sony products for editing are implementing OpenCL better, so i thought something like a R9 280x? You can get a SSD later, but i would recommend you a samsung 840 120gb if you want to already get it. MSI Z87-G45 Gaming is more reaible motherboard. CPU and CPU cooler is a good choice, and get 16GB of ram, AE will benefit from it by allocating 2 gigs per each CPU core instance of AE, and will you be filming things for youtube so i could give you a nice hard drive setup?
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