JBOD - Does Partitioning off Space Do Anything?

Hello friends,

I switched all my HDDs into an external RAID enclosure to free up space inside my computer, so I'm trying to use JBOD to maximize my space (I pay for cloud backup).

HDD (1) in my RAID enclosure is a WD Caviar Black drive. The other three are greens. I was wondering how JBOD works - if I partition off 1 or 2 TB of the Caviar Black, does it save that amount of space for use on the first HDD? Or does the first thing I write to the disk go straight to the first available HDD, making partitions on JBOD essentially useless?

If this question sounds confusing, I apologize, and I will try to clarify. Thank you.
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    JBOD means Just a Bunch Of Disks, meaning each drive is independent of the others. Thats how it works with an internal JBOD where each drive has its own connection to the machine, because your going through an external RAID enclosure I'm not sure how it works.
    Its probably up to the enclosures firmware how it operates under this situation, as I imagine on the PC's end all it can see is a large single drive.
  2. If your going to bother with partitions (and have more than 1 drive letter) then just dont bother with JBoD to begin with. Run the drives as single drives and then you can be sure on what will be stored where.
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