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Hi Guys:)

I'm getting a Intel Core i7 4770k in the next 2-3 days . and I have two LG IPS226v monitors .
my question is : does intel HD 4600 support two monitor @1920x1080 @60 Herz (1 DVI and 1 HDMI) ?

I'm not a gamer and I don't do any video/image editing/processing . my main use of new rig will be for Mixing and Mastering/Producing purposes only using Ableton Live and VST plug-ins and some basic stuff like listening to music or watching movies etc

I would be grateful for any replay or tips :)
Thank you so much ;)
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    I have the Core i7 3770k (HD4000) - and it works great for non-gaming applications. The only time I have slow down is when I render 3D modeling in photoshop or advanced filtering in photoshop (less than 2% of computer use). You should be fine :-)
  2. the data sheet you linked to states it supports 3 monitors.

    What is the maximum resolution Intel graphics can support?

    From intel's frequently asked questions
    "Intel graphics drivers support a wide range of resolutions but the maximum amount will depend on many factors including but not limited to:
    •The chipset or processor in your system
    •Which display port you are using
    •How your computer manufacturer has configured your computer
    •Your display or monitor capabilities
    •If your display or monitor is plug and play
    •If your display or monitor is in single mode, clone, or extended desktop mode.

    Check with your computer and display manufacturers to find out the maximum resolution for the computer and display.

    If you are using multiple displays in clone or duplicate mode, you can only select a resolution that is supported by all displays."
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