Need Help Networking Using CAT5. Really Confused Please HELP!!

Been dealing with weak wireless signals in our house. Fortunately when we built the house cat5 was run to all the rooms for the purpose of newtworking if need be. Well the time has come.
I am confused on how to do this. Our central location was set as the library. Everything runs to a central box in the attic. The Cat5 that was run is also used for phone.

Heres my question. Each room has cat5 jacks. I still need to punch the lines into the central box but i dont know what wires i need to use. Would i run cat5 to my computer? How do i hooko up my modem and router? I dont know which wires to use. Im really lost. each room has 4 pairs of wires not being used. how do i know what pins to use on the connectors to get data run? do i only need to use 2 pins or do i have to use more. I understand the concept but the wiring is stumping me.

This probably makes no sense to anybody if someone could please help id be willing to take pics of how everything is set up in the attic.
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    You should use all 4 pair if you want gig. You can use only 2 pair but unless you actually have a use for the other pair I would plan for gig cabling.

    First thing is to ensure is you have RJ45 plates in all your rooms. These should have color coded punch down connectors on the back and the wires need to be connected to the correct matching pins.

    In the common connection location you have 2 options. You can put in a patch panel that has similar jacks to the wall plates just a lot in a single frame. The other option is to crimp RJ45 ends directly onto the cables. In any case what you want to do is install a small switch at that location. Which option you choose is going to depend if the cables can reach the place you need to place the switch. It is simplest/cheapest if you can just use RJ45 ends and plug directly into a switch. If for example you cannot get power to a switch at that location you will need to use the patch panels and then run ethernet cables from their to the switch. In that case you are pretty much using the patch panel as a method to splice the cables so you can run them to a switch.

    If you use a patch panel it is a simple matter of matching the wire colors just like the wall plates. If you use RJ45 ends search for T568B and there are many examples of how to make the cables. You may have to use T568A color method but it is not as common a issue anymore now with auto detect ports.
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