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My problem is the following:
An old PC running Windows XP recently broke down, unfortunately there are important programms installed on the harddrive that can not be reinstalled so easily.
In order not to loose any of those programms, i want to take the harddrive out of the broken PC and put it in another WindowsXP, so that it boots from the old harddrive.
How ever, the pc cannot boot, as i read this is because of the old drivers installed on the harddrive who dont match the components of the new PC.
Is there a way the delete those drivers without doing a repair install? Or are there any other ways to get that harddrive to work?

I quick answer would be nice, i need that pc runnung as fast as possible.
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  1. You can try to "repair the installation", not sure if that will work or not....sometimes you get lucky, and other times you need to reinstall. The repair the installation option should try to fix Windows XP, the reinstall will make backup copies of the Windows folders and create a fresh install.
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    That would be a tough one to do, I would say the simplest option would be to try and get it running in the older computer to boot then see if you can get the files. The only other way I could think of is if you get another HDD and connect it in the new computer, put your old one in to, but as a slave drive, and once you can boot onto the one HDD, then you should be able to pull the files off the other by just accessing it through "my computer".

    If none of the above are feasible, I would do a fresh install and don't cry over spilled milk.
  3. Thanks for the quick answers!

    Putting the 2 drives in seems like it might work.
    But when i put i both drives, one( the original drive) will be connected via Sata, and the old drive which i am trying to save will be connected via IPE. Do i only have do put the old drive as slave or do i have to change some other things too?
  4. You might see some other issues if the old drive is IDE, I've never actually set that up, but it may be possible to do, but your motherboard would have to support it. Worst case scenario you could pick up an external hard drive inclosure and attach your IDE drive to that and it will allow you to pull the files off of it via USB. Again, not a guarantee, but that may be easier. These enclosures are usually $20-$50, the one I got worked quite well for a similar issue.
  5. I m going to try to put both drives in and see how that will turn out.
    Otherwise i will have to try to put it in the external enclosure, but the one i have at home is only sata compatible, so i would have to pick up some kind of adapter
  6. Ok, i ve tried it and it worked fine. Now i simply have both drives in the new PC.
    Instead of draging them the files from one drive to the other, would it be possible to just run the programms from the old drive?

    And a big thanks for the excellent advice!
  7. It's possible, as long as the software is compatible with your hardware, it shouldn't run any issues. This is also handy for you now in the future, as you can store excess files on the 2nd hard drive once your done, and even install another operating system. If you thought it helpful, make sure you vote it as best answer to help me out as well =D
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