How to restore Acer Aspire (Home theater) laptop to factory setting [No CD input & ALT + F10 not work]

This computer has no CD input and is slimmer than Macbook. It has a couple USB input in the back and HDMI.
This Acer has SSD hardisk and I tried the Alt +F10, but it will not work. All I get before the "hotmail login" thingy is a black screen with green acer name on it.... How can I restore my computer, because it seems like I am missing the network program. I have a blank icon in the bottom where the internet icon is suppose to be, but I am not connected to any network and I can't connect either. It says I have no networking software.

Please help me with one or both problems.
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  1. Try with external keyboard (and double-check the key combination to enter into recovery). You can also try with wired network connection. Before trying recovery - make backup (e.g. on a flash disk) of important stuff, as recovery will most probably wipe it clean.

    Did you mess with recovery partition? Did you make recovery CD/DVD when you got your laptop new?
    As a final resort - ask / order Recovery media from Acer, and get $20 external USB CD/DVD drive.
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