Installing Two Different Video Cards (Not SLI or Crossfire)

I want to add a 5800 Quadro FX to my ASUS Maximus Extreme 5 which already has an EVGA TITAN in the first PCI slot. I want to be able to switch the cable depending on if I am gaming or video editing. It would be a pain to pull out and reinstall each card. I have a 1500 PSU so power isn't an issue and a i7 3700k.

Also would a Quadro 5800 FX have that much more video editing / rendering capability over the Titan? From what I understand, the $4000 price tag (6 years ago) was more for support and software than pure processing power. The Titan has 10x more CUDA cores than the Quadro.

Thanks for any feedback!
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  1. It wont work.. Plus the Titan will make the Quadro piss
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    You are better off having two separate PCs. You will end up with driver issues with your OS (even though they are both Nvidia). Not only would you have to physically pull the cards, you will need to reinstall the driver set each time.
  3. +1 essepog, Traildriver.

    What you want to is a big waste of time and will cause headache.
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