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Since I got my PC 1 month ago I've been using a linksys USB wifi adapter to connect to my home network. But I only get about 2 bars and I'm afraid this might lead to lag when gaming. I'd like to upgrade to an ac router but don't know if it's worth the money if I could just use a repeater to extend the signal of my current router which isn't ac. Should I spend the money and get another router for my house or should I just buy a repeater and give up the advantage of having an ac router. I don't play multiplayer shooters or anything but I do play on mine craft servers and play many mmorpg's not to mention I want faster internet and downloads.
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    If you're gaming, and getting 2 bars, you definitely will have issues. An extender can help, but not in every situation. Something you have to take into consideration is if it's just that your router has a poor physical signal to your computer, or if it's that you also have wireless interference.

    Routers work best when they are at level or above the devices connecting to them, and they have a hard time passing through any sort of metal, cement, and even drywall can knock about 20% off of the signal. I would first try moving your router to the most central location possible, if that doesn't help, an extender may help, but it will only repeat the best signal it can grab.

    AC routers are great because they are powerful, and they also address the issue of wireless interference, which is caused by the amount of networks in your area, and also by devices in your home (cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, etc). If you have the money, it would be worth it for every reason to get an AC router, especially if you're gaming and you can't hardwire your computer.

    They are great routers.
  2. WiFi is really bad for gaming. I f were you id go buy some cat 6 cable and run it through the roof of your house to your computer room.
    Trust me its worth it. wifi is so slow!!! Even if you do boost the signal it will still be slow!!!
  3. There is another option you have here going the way of Ethernet over power this is where you use an adapter and send Ethernet signals throughout the power sockets in your home this might alleviate your connection issues.
  4. With WiFi, generally it is environmental issues, rather than this router vs that router.

    Distance, building construction, neighbor interference, other devices (cordless phone, microwave), location of the router, broadcast channel, etc, etc.
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