How can I figure out my internet password? I forgot it and I can not see the password.

My little sister changed my Iphone password and so I had to restore it . And now I dont know the internet wifi password. I cant even see the internet password I'd like to change it but it doesnt works cause whenever I search for it doesnt show up the thing. It just says no web found .
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  1. Ask your parents.
    Or you can also look at the bottom of your router to check for the SSID and WEP/WPA2...etc password.
  2. If worst comes to worst hit the factory reset on the bottom of your router might need a safety pin for that but it will be there its a tiny hole in my router so look carfully :P
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    You likely need to use a wired PC many routers have the ability to configure them over the wireless disabled...for very good reason.

    You want to go to the default gateway address which will be your router.

    Some routers you can display the keys you set on the wireless and others have it masked. You can just change it to something new.
  4. yes... look on the bottom of your router.

    the password and address are listed on there.

    it should show up in your wifi connections if you do a search (for any available not for a particular number like you did)
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