HD 7850 in PCI-E x4 vs x16

Hello all! I bought a 2GB 7850 a while ago. I play games @ 1360x768. When playing games, I noticed that I don't get a lot of performance. At this low resolution it should fly right? I just installed Windows 8.1 and was looking at GPU-Z to check if DirectX 11.2 was enabled, and noticed this:

I seem to have put it in an x4 slot rather than x16 slot when I bought my card. I've created multiple posts about low performance (some games run @ 60FPS, others run @ 30-60) with a 7850 at this LOW resolution. If I were to move it to an x16 slot, will I experience a great perfomance boost? Is it even worth moving? Should I? Thanks! :)
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    Yes by all means it will give you a boost!
  2. Your card will undoubtedly perform substancially better. It is just to powerful to be run in x4 mode well.
  3. I think you will notice the lower end fps will improve the most.
  4. Like, to 90 fps. ;#}
  5. Hello! Thanks for all the replies! I will move it to the x16 slot right away! :D
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