Windows 8.1 - Crashing/Hanging Roughly Every Hour (New PC Build)

Hello again Tomshardware,

I recently upgraded my computer, replacing my motherboard and CPU entirely, and I switched from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 Pro x64.

So far, everything has been working pretty well, other than the fact that I've been completely hanging/freezing up every hour or so. It's not a standard BSOD, since my entire screen freezes up, my HDD light goes solid, and whatever sound was playing loops. I have to hold down the power button and force a power off, which results in a Critical Kernel Power error in my event log. Since it's not shutting off on it's own (I've tried just letting it hang for a few minutes to see if it would recover or reboot itself, but nothing happened), my memory dump is completely empty, and I'm having trouble figuring out what is causing my problems.

All my of drivers (MB, CPU, GPU, WiFi Adapter, etc) have been updated to the latest version. The hangs seem to happen regardless of what I'm doing, whether I'm playing a game or just watching a YouTube video. Though they all happen to be around an hour or an hour and a half within each other.

I have my CPU OC'd to 4.4Ghz, and Intel Turbo is on I believe, so I might disable my Optimized OC and Turbo Boost to see if that was causing my problem (I was getting these crashes before I modified any of my BIOS OC settings, though).

I also have some good reason to believe my HDD is having problems, since it is a 3 year old Seagate. It failed the SMART test the moment I began using it, but after looking into it I assumed it was a false positive. I recently did a test to look at my values, and my Reallocated Sectors are absurdly high at around 4000 sectors. So I'll probably end up replacing this in the next few days anyways. Though, I wasn't getting crashes on my Windows 7 installation, which was on the same HDD I'm using right now.

Obviously, my HDD is a prime suspect here, but is there anything else I can do to look into these hangs? I'd like to at least try and confirm that it's something other than my HDD and solve it even though I'm going to clone my data over anyways.

Here's a speccy, for my components:
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  1. Have you tried running the Windows 8 repair to see if that helps/gives any indication to the issue? It definitely sounds like something is going on there, does it stay on long enough for you to do a disk defragment to help with the sectors?
  2. I ran Defraggler on my C:\ drive, and it gave me an estimated time of 4 hours. I seriously doubt it'll be able to fully defrag before my computer hangs.

    I'll see what I can do about a repair. I don't want to lose anything, so I'll have to find an 8.1 ISO and install from there. Although, considering how this is a clean install, I don't know what could've gone bad in a day.

    EDIT: I'm planning to clone my disk over to another hard drive, and if the problems persist, I'm going to do a reinstall
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    Turns out after cloning my harddrive, my crashes stopped happening. This issue is solved.
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