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i have nhl 12 and i plan on getting nhl 14 is there a way that i can transfer my profile on nhl 12 to nhl 14 so that i don't have to create a new one?

on a different topic, in grand theft auto 5 is it possible to play the game without doing any "missions"? sort of like a "free roam" type of thing.
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  1. 1) no, unless the game publisher allows it (you could ask directly them )
    2) yes, since san andreas

  2. ya i didn't think that was possible, i'll just create a new profile, no big deal

    so if gta5 has "free roam" that means i can do whatever i want in the game like buy a car and just drive around for no reason, can my "character" in the game live an honest life? i know that defeats the whole purpose of the game but i just want to know if i have those options in the game. i've never played any of the grand theft auto games thats why i'm asking
  3. In older games, you could make your living by driving a taxi or an ambulance, but that still required that you have stolen those cars, so no

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