I inserted a SD card in a card USB reader and inserted into my PC. Every time it asks me to format the disc. Whats the proble

The SD card contains video footage. I checked it out on the camera and I can view the files perfectly. When I want to view on my PC via a A USB card reader, the PC asks me to format the isc to enable me to view.
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    It could be a faulty card reader so try a different one.
  2. could be the camera using a unsupported file format. read the manual to see how to transfer files.
  3. It could be that your SD card is of a 'family' that is not supported by your reader.
    SD cards can be SD, SDHX, SDXC, or SDIO. A reader only capable of SD or SDHC will not be able to read an SDXC card. AN SDXC capable reader is backwards compatible and would read SD, SDHC, and SDXC.
  4. I agree with popatim. Just to be safe, I would hook your camera up to the PC and transfer the files that way if possible via USB, or whatever.
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