Transferring User Profile and Content from one hard drive to another

I am having a very hard time transferring a user profile and files (pictures, docs, music) from an existing PC to a newer PC. I have tried windows easy transfer but on my old PC it will not ask me if this is the old or new PC, it just assumes I am receiving files. I have tried File History, I have moved the hard drive to the newer PC and nothing. Is there some other method I can use to transfer. Have an external drive where I can use to send between PCs. Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Honestly, it's probably easier just to organize the files yourself onto the external drive, and just manually transfer them to the new device. Windows features like that have to many issues, especially if your going from an older OS to a newer one. Shouldn't have an issue with file transfer that way, the only thing that might have an issue is if there are any programs that are no longer supported by the new OS.
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