Cooler Master Seidon 240M vs Zalman LQ-320 vs Corsair H100i

Hello all, here's my dilemma.

I leave for the US Navy on February 11th, and I want to have my rig all set and done before I leave so I can ship it out when I'm hunkered down somewhere. My current build sports a brand-spankin' new ASUS Sabertooth Z87 board (perfect for military) with an i7-4770k. I have an ARCTIC Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2 sitting in a box outside my rig since it's far too clunky to sit well on the mobo. Plus it's an LGA-1155 socket which I previously used, not sure why but the pins just kept getting in the way of the heat pipes and it wouldn't sit properly. I ending up smearing thermal paste all over the place and made the decision to throw the stock cooler in until I could get my hands on a liquid cooling solution. The reason I need a liquid cooling solution is because when I ship this monster out to myself across the country there won't be a big air cooler bouncing around as the FedEx truck hits a pothole.

Now, on to my real question. Amazon is offering the H100i for a ludicrous price of $144 and some change, probably because of limited quantities. I'm sure they'll replenish and drop the price but obviously time is a factor, and the reason I'm going with Amazon is for the financing (I have more stuff to buy). Now, they also offer the 240M for a decent $100, and the LQ-320 for roughly $105. I've read that the H100i is regarded as one of the top performers in this category, but at the cost of being about as noisy as a tin can full of ball bearings. I've also heard good things about the 240M, but it doesn't have any software support and from what I can tell doesn't have any PWM splitters out of the box (not a big deal, they're cheap enough and my mobo supports PWM). And lastly the LQ-320 scored high marks in the performance-to-noise ratio.

Any suggestions? :D
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    H100i is $100 on Newegg. Don't know enough about the other two to tell you which is better but I like mine.
  2. Eh, it's a fair price I won't lie, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to lose the financing offer with Amazon if I'm only getting a little software support and a lot more noise. I'm really just wondering if there's any realistic scenario where the features of the H100i outweigh the better price of the 240M.
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