Will my asus 2gb radeon 7770 fit in my hp pavillion p6-2108p? Please answer

I just bought the asus 2 gb radeon 7770
I'm really worried it won't fit in my computer i opened it up and it doesnt look like i have enough room, but i wouldn't know i'm not too good with computers.

I have the hp pavillion p6-2108p please look for a photo with everything plugged in so i know for sure :/ Thanks for taking your time and helping me
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  1. just take a rule and measure the space over the pcie slot and compare to the dimensions of you card, it's called problem solving.
  2. Some people don't have rulers, as i don't. But thanks for your comment
  3. what your biggest ''?'' is are you going to be able to get it to work?
  4. You'd have to measure. That card isn't particularly long, but you'll definitely want to measure just to make sure.
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    you can even just eyeball it. It's 8.3 inches long, so find something that's about that length, and hold it up next to the pci slot, see if it'll fit, if so, you're good, if not, well... yeah. haha
  6. I guess thanks deadmaufive but is there any other way of knowing? can't one of you look up my build? I did before but thats why im here, i'm not too good with computers
  7. if you have the card, and the pc, why are you asking? just try it...
  8. Doesn't matter because your power supply won't be enough. You have to get an aftermarket psu.
  9. I bought a power supply along with the card, 430w corsair
  10. The problem is that we don't have exact dimensions of the area it might go. It looks like it, yes, however, the pictures aren't being compared to anything be able to give a definitive answer to your question.
  11. My card and power supply is still in the mail, waiting on them and thinking its not going to fit is torture
  12. have you looked at these outher threads that use thoes walmart computers and are trying to upgrade there cards?? maby being you got a hp and it will be a go for you. good luck alot of these store bought computers have got fixed bios [locked] and may not allow you to make them changes. you need to see if outher people with the same computer as yours have been able to do the change.
  13. computer cases don't list then available space over their pcie slots, find a piece of standard paper, those are 8.5x11 inches.
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