EVGA GTX 760 temp question. Is my temp to high.

I have a GTX 760 and it has the stock cooler and when at idle it is no higher than 35C. When I am playing say farcry 3 or payday 2 it gets to around 80C.

Is 80C a temp that I should be worried about?
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    thats fine if u want to lower the temps bring up the fanspeed with a program like

  2. Thats a perfectly normal temp. But if you want to edit your fan speeds use some sort of program, like iceclock mentioned.
  3. Alrighty. I was just wondering. I know that GPUs run hotter than CPUs but I thought that temp was high.
  4. gpus tend to run hotter than cpus sir.
  5. My GTX 760 is running at around 79C while in GTA 5 at 60 fps and the pc gets louder is that bad????"
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