URGENT!! GTX770 i need help picking one please

So i am getting a new build, i am pretty decided on all the parts of the build:
Case: NZXT Phantom 410
CPU: Intel Core i5-4670k 3.0GHz 6mb SK1150
RAM: Gskill Ripjaws X DDR3- 1600MHz 2X4gb
Motherboard: Asus Z87-A
PSU: XFX 750w, or seasonic 750w, maybe a 800 w one
Disk burner: Samsung DVD-RW 24x Sata
HDD: Western Digital Green 1TB Sata III 64 MB
SDD: A sandisk one, 120gb

This is my doubt: I am getting a GTX 770, i need to order it in the next 5 days to get the mercs, spies and assasins Nvidea pack
I wanted to get a 4gb vram version (No dual-bios) so i got 3 options

These are my 3 options at the moment, i dont know much about these brands, i mostly have Asus GPU's and MOBOs but i cant find the asus 4gb model so which model would u pick and why?
They are all within the same price range, the most expensive is only 10 euros apart from the others so its not an issue

Relevant points: I am portuguese
THis computer is going to be used 95% for gaming
I am getting a CPU cooler, not sticking with the stock cooler
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  1. The main difference between all of them is the cooling system. Some are quieter while some keep the GPU cooler. But your environment could also affect the actual results so to keep it simple, just buy the cheapest one. You might want to get a better SSD though. The Intel 530 or Samsung Evo are pretty good
  2. I would either go with windforce or twinfrozr. Both have really good cooling system and performance. I personally own the twinfrozr.
  3. Well i heard the Samsung evo had lower writting speeds than the sandisk ones so....
    I want something that will keep the GPU cool, if it runs 1db above its not really something that bothers me i just dont want somethingg that makes my computer sound like a Boeing 787 doing an emergency liftoff with full thrust.....
    U own a twinfrozr? Is it good? do u have anything bad to say about it?
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    Nope, nothing bad to say. I pretty much have the similar rig as you and I run BF4 Ultra setting minimum 70+ fps and sometimes even reaching 100+ ( depends on map / environment ). The only time my pc became warm ( still reasonable temperature ) was when I was running Arkham Origins maxed out for hours. Overall I like the twinfrozr, quiet and handles games very well, also the MSI gaming app is handy since you can OC your gpu in a single click for games.
  5. :) thanks a lot scott :) i didnt know much about MSI, all i used was Asus thus far
    Thats just what i want to hear :) i also want to play batman and BF4 on ultra :) u getting 70+ fps? awesome :)
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