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First build

I'm trying to pair a MB w/my FM1 AMD Llano A6-3500.

Does the CPU *have* to be on a board's CPU compatibility list or is it just a matter of the board and CPU having the same socket?

There is an Asrock I'm looking at. A75 series. This is the compatibility list
The A6 Llano is not on there but the A4 Llano is.
There is an A6 Husky, on the compat list, that has all the same specs except it's Husky not Llano.

There is also a Gigabyte that I'm looking at. It does say it supports A6 - 3500 - 443mhz - 65W (my CPU) but no mention of Husky or Llano.
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  1. Llano" (2011, 32 nm)

    Upgraded Stars (AMD 10h architecture) codenamed Husky[3] CPU cores (K10.5) with no L3 cache, and with Redwood-class integrated graphics on die (BeaverCreek for the dual-core variants and WinterPark for the quad-core variants)
    Manufactured on GlobalFoundries' 32 nm SOI process (die size: 228 mm2, with 1.45 billion transistors) for socket FS1
    Integrated PCIe 2.0 controller
    Select models support Turbo Core technology for faster CPU operation when the thermal specification permits
    Support for 1.35 V DDR3L-1333 memory, in addition to regular 1.5 V DDR3 memory specified
    2.5 GT/s UMI
    SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4a, Enhanced 3DNow!, NX bit, AMD64, AMD-V
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    Yes it will support the APU. Husky is a code name for Llano.

    Asrocks website could be a little clearer for people:)
  3. I have no idea what that means but I appreciate the answer :D
  4. Mr. Jay,

    What does it mean when a CPU is *not* on a compatibility list? Does Asus / giga / whoever actually test every AMD chip? I think not.

    I see a lot of people say in response to 'will this chip work on my board?' - "of course it will, FM2 is FM2". Is that true? If not, what does one do before buying a board to make sure it's compatible? Do you email ASUS and ask them?

    Asrock says this chip is compat w/their FM1 boards
    FM1 A6 AD3500OJZ33GX Husky 2100MHz 1MBx3 B0 65W List

    I have an A6 w/all those specs and #AD3500OJGX(BOX). I understand that box means it comes w/the sink/fan.

    Apparently JGX is the boxed verision of 3GX.
  5. If a CPU is not on a compatibility list it is not wise to try it.
    A lot of the time motherboards are rated to handle up to a certain wattage on a CPU. A motherboard which has an AM3+ socket might be rated to handle CPU's up to 95 watts.
    So an AMD FX8350 AM3+ CPU will not work in it or if it does work unsupported it could effect the lifespan of the motherboard.
    Also some chipsets on motherboards don't support every CPU in that socket.

    It is always best to check the compatibility of a CPU before you buy a motherboard:D

    If a CPU is not on the list you can email the manufacturer and ask or come on here and ask:)

    And my name isn't Mr.Jay:lol:

    It's just Jay which is short for Jason:D
  6. Copy that J ;-)

    Thanks for the info. I am def new to this game and I see a lot of people saying 'yes dummy FM1 means FM1, just slap it on there'.
    Just wanted some clarification and I appreciate it.
  7. It's no problem:)
    These forums are a great place to learn. I am now going to sleep as i am in the UK and it's nearly 2.30am here:sleep:

    If you have any further questions feel free to ask and i will answer them in the morning
  8. OK. I am down to either an ASUS or Asrock.
    The Asrock is compat w/my chip but is not on the Gskill compatibility page.
    The ASUS is on the Gskill memory page but I can't find any compatibility list for the chip on the ASUS web page.


    good info...well...a lot of info, hopefully it's good :D
  9. Memory is different these days. I have Gskill memory and would put it in any motherboard.
    As long as it's DDR3-800/DDR3-1066/DDR3-1333/DDR3-1600/DDR3-1866 it will be fine:D
  10. Cool
    I have ripsaw 1866
    This is the board I'm expecting
    It's complete overkill for what I need but the $50 "cheap board" (but good reviews on Newegg) failed on me and I troubleshot it for a month before finally, w/much help, figuring out that it was the weak link. Took me forever because of my inexperience. I am building the PC for the experience and I definitely learned a LOT more than I would have if everything had gone swimmingly. So...hopefully this 'not-cheap board' will be smooth.

    Oh...already posted. I'm on too many forums.
    I assume getting anything out of Gigabyte for the 1st board will be fruitless considering I don't have the box and its been 2 months or so since I bought it.
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