How high does gpu sit above motherboard [PLEASE HELP]

How high does the graphics card sit above the motherboard
I recently bought a asus 2g radeon 7770, i measured my board and the pcie x16 is 0.5 inches away from the heat sink, heres a screenshot so you know what i'm talking about.
This is the gpu i bought
gpu dimensions: 8.3" x 4.4" x 1.4"
I'm wondering if the gpu will go over the heatsink
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  1. unless the graphics card has a backplate, it should sit pretty much on the same plane as the pci slot (a backplate will add at most a quarter of an inch) If i have read your question right
  2. I'm not sure if the graphics card will go over the heat sink or not
  3. Oh nvm i have not read the question right as i didnt look at the picture, the gpu will maybe sit just level with this heatsink. I can't tell from the picture, but how tall is the heatsink you are worried about?
  4. the heatsink is about 0.7-0.8 inches tall
  5. Ok...based on looking at the card you bought and the motherboard, It does look like the heatsink will interfere with the new graphics card. Sorry man :/ but on the bright side, a new motherboard can be had for under $100 as well, but just make sure everything is compatable
  6. wait hold up, at .7 or .8 you should be fine, your initial height was over an inch lol
  7. the only thing i would suggest is making sure you have a fan blowing on the general area of that heatsinc since it will be covered by the gpu from the top
  8. It will be an extremely tight fit mind you, and i personally would recommend using a different motherboard
  9. Is there any chances of it not fitting? i'm stressing too hard right now
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    Yes, there is a chance of it not fitting. I am telling you that right now as i do not have a 100% sure answer for you.

    also from looking at the board i can guess that you are running a moderatly older amd system, which could possibly be due for an upgrade anyway?

    Find out the model of your cpu, and then you may be able to find a compatable newer motherboard that will be reasonably priced and not have the heatsink in that silly place
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