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Ok i installed a new motherboard about 3 days ago for my e6400. I ran it a couple of times without applying thermal paste but it should have to much damage because i only ran it to set the bios up. Now i added some arctic freeze thermal when ever a play a game it freezes and the whole computer doesn't respond. When just browsing i don't seem to have this problem also i checked the bios logs to see if it was a thermal warning it wasn't. So now i dont know what to do anymore please help also the graphics chip is a nvidia quadro nvs 160m.
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  1. rule number 1. don't turn on the computer if the heatsink isn't on the cpu. it takes a fraction of a second to ruin a cpu.
  2. i ran it with heatsink just with no thermal paste.
  3. You have bios logs? Is it a server board? Tell us more about your hardware.
  4. You still could have ruined the CPU... the paste allows the heat to transfer efficiently.. so with no thermal that CPU will get hot hot hot even at idle.
  5. well the computer is a dell latitude e6400 notebook
    Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo p8400 2.26ghz
    nvidia quadro nvs 160m
    nvidia gpu quadro nvs performance driver and it isnt a server
    as for the cpu comment i believe you but if the cpu was damage wouldnt it not start at all.
  6. please need suggestion and help
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