my seagate hdd, which is 1tb . it used to work properly on my computer,but suddenly my computer doesnt doesnt wor

i have a hdd.seagate freeagent go flex(1tb).it used to work properly on my is suddenly not recognised by my computer.there is a white light that blinks when I connect but nothing shows up on my computer.please help me,I have all important data regarding work.
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  1. I have the same drive. It seems that this sudden issue is most likely caused by a dying hard drive. Possibly, your drive has failed or is failing, causing windows not to see it.

    To see if windows at least sees the drive, try the disk manager.

    Start menu > Right click on "Computer" > Manage > On left column click storage > Click disk management.
    Your drive should be visible under there. If it is not, then most likely the drive is failing or corrupted, since lights are on but its having issues detecting.
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