Late Dec 2013 GPU for BF4 ($300 budget)

I've been doing some on and off research regarding replacing parts on my aging rig,.. come Christmas I received some parts and I'm now looking to upgrade my GPU as the final component. I received an Asus P6T motherboard with some parts preinstalled, but as I'm on vacation I can't check exactly what it has; however, I can assume its an i7 920 or better as its a socket 1366, complete with Corsair water cooling unit. It also has (I believe) 16gb of ram with its own dedicated cooler too, so I imagine its higher-end memory. I will be dropping in a samsug 840 SSD + 1TB WD Black HDD, all powered by an admittedly overpowered 1250W xfx psu. However, no gpu!

Unfortunately, almost all the information, reviews and comparisons I've found so far are somewhat outdated; either using alpha benchmark results, resolutions I wont be using, or old price points comparing parts which are now outdated. It appears a lot of the mid end cards are sold out at the moment, thus pushing up the prices of the higher end cards as a result. Therefore, I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of advice.

I'm looking to build a solid rig for the next year or two, beginning with BF4, hopefully being able to play Ultra settings @ 1920x1080 (with or without AA) at a reasonable, stable FPS... I initially hoped for a $200 budget on my GPU, but quickly saw that wouldn't do the trick, and after viewing some reviews settled on the $250-$300 R9 280X... which has now bubbled to $450-500+. I'm hoping to remain $300 or less on the GPU side of things.

Any slightly more up to date advice, or side by side price comparisons? I've been out of the GPU loop for quite some time so I really have no idea what compares to what, and have in the past bought a worse bang-for-the-buck GPU and regretted it after.

Thanks in advance, and happy holidays- hopefully you all got some nice parts too!
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  1. the 280x is starting to come down, you can find them for $320, but they are on back order. They will eventually come back to the $300 mark. Otherwise the 770 is your only other option if you want to max 1080p for the next few years.
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