Getting a new graphics card for the first time. Driver help?

I've ordered a new card because my PC isn't exactly built for gaming. The only problem is (Probably a stupid question):
How do I get the drivers for the new graphics card?

I'm not sure if I can install the drivers before I take out my existing card and then boot it up.

Thanks in advance!
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    The proper way to install a new card is to
    1) Uninstall your current drivers with your old card in. Turn off after uninstalling.
    2)Install new card, plug in all cables and start up.
    3)Go to either amds or nvidias website, depending what gpu you got, and download the drivers from there.
    4) install them.
  2. Oh! So the drivers are not needed for the card to work? Just to optimize it?
  3. exactly, you should get a really low res to show up, but enough so you can navigate your way to the website.
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