$500 budget what gpu should i buy? help me please

I have a 144hz monitor and have been using the built-in graphic from the i7 4770k for a while. This could not even run Dota 2 smoothly at 1080p, I got about 20-30 fps only.
I thought that I could wait a little bit longer for the r9 290 non-reference cooler to released. Not it does but the new problem is that my grandfather in Vietnam got cancer and only have couple more months left so my mom decided to go back to visit him on January.
This has ruined my plan really because my mom said that after buying the ticket and everything she has about 3000 left and she plans to give the money to him. I don't think that my grandfather needs money that much though because my aunt and uncle are pretty rich in there so they can take care of him. I am sure that if I ask $500 to buy this graphic card she would say yes. But I am not sure should I do that or not, because she seems to really wanted to do something for my grandfather.
I am having trouble deciding what to do right now. Half of me want to get this gpu and play some good game and the other half wants to save the money for my mom. I know that if I don't ask her for the money at this moment it would be to late because she is about to close her bank account and so I would have to wait again for at least 3 more months for she to comes back here and back to work and make money.
If you are me what would you do?
And I wonder is the r9 290x worth it over the r9 290 for gaming at 1080p?
Thank you for helping me
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  1. Stop being selfish. Wait for another opportunity. But if you have the money, go with the 290x
  2. you sound like a little jackass, you want to steal money away from your dying grandfather even though it's your mother's wishes to help her father..........
  3. I am just tired of waiting
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    lol things like that shouldn't go on public community , grow up kid , games aren't going anywhere and i'm not so happy about these year though , things are kind of messed up from so called next gen , idk if gpu's not that good anymore or games are just poorly optimized , things just went from enjoying the game to benchmark environment .
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