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Help with purchasing a custom built ~$1000 gaming pc

December 27, 2013 7:28:49 PM

I am looking for advice on purchasing a new gaming pc at around the $1000 range (I already have keyboard, monitor, sound, and mouse). I don't feel comfortable building my own from scratch right now owing to an injury, so I would like to use a custom build site like or something to have it assembled. I understand that people use pcpartpicker (and I have reviewed some previous guides for 1000 dollar builds), but some of the custom assembly sites don't always have all of the specific parts listed, and I lack the knowledge to discern what is an interchangeable or critical product.

If you could provide me with a parts list at around 1000 dollars that should be compatible and such, drawing only from available parts at a custom assembly site, I would be very grateful.
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