Which PSU around 750W

Which PSU should i buy?
I will be buying something like this (feel free to comment on this built aswell):

Intel i7-4771
Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2400 XMP
MSI N770 TF 4GD5/OC Gaming (4GB)
Western Digital Black 1000GB 64MB cache s Advanced Format

Im considering around 750W since ill be buying another HDD for data
(price in my country) M-modular cable management

OCZ ModXStream 700W ....(1882,-) M
CORSAIR CX750 ....(2033,-)
OCZ ZS Series 750W ....(2049,-)
Fortron FSP RAIDER 750W ....(2069,-)
CORSAIR CX750M ....(2168,-) M
CORSAIR GS700 ....(2197,-)
CoolerMaster GM Series 750W ....(2216,-) M
SEASONIC SS-750HT-F3 ....(2249,-)
FRACTAL Integra R2 750W (2309,-)
OCZ ZT Series 750W ....(2309,-) M
Fortron FSP AURUM GOLD 700W ....(2477,-)

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  1. SEASONIC SS-750HT-F3 ....(2249,-)

    Fortron FSP AURUM GOLD 700W ....(2477,-)
  2. I was thinking about the CORSAIR CX750M ....(2168,-) M because its modular (im buying Zalman Z11 Plus case) and ive read here that Corsair is made by seasonic. But there were some answers that CX series is not good. Or Corsair CX Series CX750 V2 750W
  3. Fortron FSP AURUM GOLD 700W, what power supply do you have now? adding a second hardware will not draw much more, maybe 10W.

    Could you show your whole system sepcs
  4. Im building a new built showed in first post. Basicly i7 with 16GB RAM and 1x GTX770(4GB) graphic. 1-2 HDD + 1SSD. The problem is that FSP has only 2 years warranty but Corsairs have 5 year here.

    They sell the Seasonic SS-750HT-F3 750W, OEM so it doesnt "have" the silver 80+ because its not certified thus cheaper (but should be the same). Also its 2 year warranty only.

    There is CORSAIR CS750M, 750W and CORSAIR RM Series RM750 750W which both have 5 year warranty. The RM is new replacing the TX series i think. So i was hoping it would be the best choice.

    The FSP Raider 750 is silver also and its quite cheap 2069,- compared to RM750 at 2844,- (but this one is modular).
  5. tell us where you will buy the stuff from and the budget; i5 is the best option if it the rig is intended for gaming.
  6. Im using 3dsmax for creating images, not movies (thats why i7 and 16GB Ram - planning 32 in future if needed, my scenes use about 3-6GB RAM in 3dsmax + Windows+Other programs around 10 in max now). Photoshop etc. I dont OC because im not expert in it so i dont risk CPU OC. But its my home computer so my intent is to play games on that also, thats why GTX770. I was considering 2GB or 4GB but since i run multiple monitors for some aplications (not games) and they use GPU rendering for textures i decided 1x770 with 4GB will be the best option for now. I use only 1 monitor for games and i know 2GB is enough for 1920x1080 in 99% of games its about +25pounds more for 4GB graphic card.

    Im fairly educated in terms of HW, my last built PC lasted 10 years of playing games, than the PC became too obsolite to use anymore. But the power supply is mystery for me, so thats the primary question, im leaning more towards the CORSAIR RM750 because of the 5 year warranty and its much more silent.

    Im located in Czech republic. My budget for Power supply is about 60-85 pounds (90max). I would like 700 or 750W. The Fortron 750 is the biggest seller in most of our shops in my watt range. I aim to about 1000 pounds for the PC (excluding peripherals), with ability to advance into SSD and 32GB RAM and have not-OEM windows licence
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    Fortron FSP AURUM GOLD 700W ....(2477,-)

    Great power supply.
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