Overclocking an FX 8350: Tips please.

Hello fellow hardware enthusiast,

I am looking to push my new FX 8350 as far as i can, but i have had problems with getting it stable past 4.2 matter how much i up the voltage, i had it at stock all the way up to 1.58 and it was not stable in prime 95 Small FFTs past 2 tests, freezing up. I tried increasing either the frequency or the multiplier. Here are my parts:

Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 (4+2 power phase)
Rosewill 750W 80 Plus Platinum
XSPC liquid cooler with 240mm Rad
Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz (running at 1333mhz for stress testing to try and get stability......)

The CPU temps never went above 48C max and the MB never got above 25C on the small FFTs, even after increasing the voltage by .2 which i found strange, and when it was supposed to be at 1.58, it was reading 1.46 Vcore on both my Asus AI Suite II and CPUID when trying to go to 4.3ghz. Cool and quiet, C1E, SVM, Core 6 state, HPC mode, APM master mode, EPU power Saving mode, and CPU spectrum are all disabled.

I am coming off of a FX 6100 which i was able to get to 4.4 ghz stable (from 3.3ghz), so not being able to get more than a 200mhz boost with the FX 8350 is kinda puzzling me. Only thing i can think of hardware wise holding me back is the Mobo power phase.

Anyone have opinions on what i should do? I am impressed with the base speed improvement of the FX-8350, but i am wanting to get the most i can out of it.
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    This is the guide I followed and it was great for me. The site is down right note it seems but I suggest you check it out once it's back up.
  2. I actually already tried that earlier and used it on my FX 6100, but i seem to be getting no where.
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