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Hi, I need a $600 gaming PC build with the is included. I already have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I am wanting to play BF4, league of legends, minecraft, assassins creed, l4d2, and some AAA games coming out soon. If you could tell me what kind of FPS I would expect to get at what resolution for some high end games like Crysis 3 would be great!!!

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  1. Your going to want to go with an AMD build since their processors are cheaper and will fit your budget i have a 700$ pc and i get about 30 fps on high in BF4 but i live in Australia so parts are more expensive
  2. Could you give a list of parts?
  3. err gimme 10 mins ill put something together
  4. Cool thanks.
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  6. You could put a bit more power in there since that goes up to 446$
  7. Like


    GPU: $179

    This adds up to $566 if you replace the cpu and gpu with these this will give you a lot more power enjoy :)
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