PLEASE HELP!! Laptop ShutDown!

Please help! Took pc into Best Buy for other issues, they erased everything and took it back to factory settings. Had norton sample on and i added avast. it was acting up so i tried to do a system restore. after that it would not open the internet or any programs including antivirus citing no run 32.exe or something like that. now keeps crashing to blue screen when i try to run programs/antivirus. system restore won't work or my kaskersky antivirus cd can u please help?
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  1. can you boot your laptop into safe mode?
  2. could be three things it could be a virus which you'd need to boot your laptop into safe mode and then run your antivirus or have an antivirus on a pen drive and scan it for viruses with that or locate the virus and delete all its files and reboot into normal mode or it could be missing files in windows seven so you'd need to re-install it to fix and get back them missing files or it could be capacitors on your motherboard which are most common to fail
  3. yes, i can start into safe mode, but the pc shuts down to blue screen every time i try to start an additional virus program or avast or the internet. I tried your first solution idea and that didn't work, i also put some virus protections on a usb and tried to use them to start automatically on the pc but it shut to blue screen. it ran regularly but had problems with the mouse not working occasionally for a few days and then i tried to do a system restore to fix it and it went into the state it's in now. they replaced the casing on the computer and it came back acting crazy. do you think it might need your solution #3 or something else?
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    it could possibly be a bad virus that's done some serious damage to your computer but to be sure id get a copy of your windows and re install it back on to your computer and the product key for the windows that come with your laptop for example if your running windows 7 home premium it will be on a sticker underneath your laptop with the product key to activate it for example this
  5. but if the re installing windows doesn't work you could quite possibly have bad capacitors and will need a new motherboard all together but im sure if they put a new casing on your laptop they would of noticed something like this cause there opening up the workings and you'd notice there bad but maybe not but your best option is to take it to a computer repair shop and see if they can diagnose the problem cause for all we know it could be bad cpu or ram or hard drive
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