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So, I'm trying to decide on which ram to buy and I wasn't sure which series would best fit an AMD Fx-8320, Motherboard: Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0, and Gigabyte GTX 770. Currently I'm undecided between:

G Skill Sniper Series
G Skill Ripjaw X or Z

I'm also debating whether I should go with 1600 or 1833mhz. Also, I'm open to suggestions for other models other than g skill. Thanks for all your help guys.
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  1. I have G Skill Ripjaw X in both of my FX rigs and they seem to work very good with it. Am running a Asus Sabertooth motherboard in both of them though. I got 1833 for my FX-8350 and really I have not noticed any real improvement over the 1600 I have in my FX-8120 or i5 3570K rigs.
  2. Would G Skill Sniper 1866 (2x4gb) 8gb work well with what I have?
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    Yep, the Snipers are what I prefer for the AM3+ mobos, with the RJ Xs a close second
  4. Thanks. I'll be grabbing those then. Appreciate all the help.
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