What psu would i need to get if i was upgrade my gpu from a GTX 650 Ti to a GTX TITAN or maybe a GTX 780???

id just like to know what psu id need to get when i do go to upgrade my gpu later on in the year with my system being:
i5 4670k, Z87 chipset,
8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz,
2TB seagate,
250Gb Samsung SSD,
GTX 650Ti and my current psu being a
GX Cooler master 80 plus bronze 550w psu
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  1. Your psu would be fine for all three graphics cards. though the titan is just a redundant card right now so don't even mention it lol.
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    The 780 would be just slightly pushing that power supply, and a good idea would be to upgrade to a 650 or 700 watt power supply to give you some safety cushion for your power usage
  3. A higher quality 550 watt would be more optimal than your current psu (corsair tx is pretty good) otherwise you would probably be just fine as long as you don't overclock the card or your cpu
  4. If you find a higher watt power supply on sale that is either corsair, evga, or something else that actually has some good reviews (please just google psu name) then go with that. Just because you are buying a higher wattage psu does not mean you are using more power, and a higher quality one is better able to deliver power to your system, causing less power ripple (psu talk) and a more stable gaming experience
  5. Thanks for the information its going to help me a lot!!
  6. NP, if i can suggest to you, just find a higher wattage "80+ Bronze certified" psu on sale. It is always better to overshoot your power needs than undershoot or just meet...Just from personal recommendation, don't get anything lower than a 600 watt psu for a graphics card such as the gtx 780
  7. If i may, where are you located (country) that you are buying this psu, and what price are you buying it for?

    With this information i will be able to quickly look up to see if there is a better psu on sale at this moment for your budget
  8. im located in England and tbh i dont really have a price range for the psu but maybe a £70 to £150 mark cause like you said its better to overshoot then under so id like to get a quality psu
  9. Yes, but remember to look for sales :) It's a tough subject, as it is easy to overspend for something unnecessary, but also easy to cheap out and get burnt lol
  10. This is about the best one you could get without being stupid overkill and will allow a little bit of "futureproofing" as it will allow you to add a second 780 to the system without worry.

    you could definitely find something cheaper though :)
  11. Yeah that's true and I've had a look at it and its got everything i need so ill keep that one in mind but yeah i'll have a look around for maybe something cheaper
  12. Also keep in mind modular vs. non modular. Modular is always nice as it allows for better cable management and will keep your system much neater, as well as allow for ease in future upgrades of psu (don't even need to unplug components from the cables, just unplug all the cables from the modular power supply and plug all the cables into the new power supply)
  13. ahh yeah that's quite handy knowing all id have to do is plug the wires into the power supply instead of unplugging it all and starting the rerouting process over again and i really appreciate the help you've given me cause its great to get some help cause id of probably be stuck on the matter still haha
  14. No problem...THOUGH please do not misunderstand and think your current one could be unplugged from the power supply. I can easily see how that might have been confusing (or not, you seem like you are pretty smart) but my gf just chewed me out for not being clear on things lol

    If you buy a modular, but do NOT already have a modular psu, then you will need to unplug pretty much everything for the replacement (except for the sata data cables running to your hard drives if they arent in the way)

    Not sure if you knew or not, but for my own piece of mind i thought i should explain that little bit
  15. haha yeah i knew but it would be quite funny if i didn't and then later on i started pulling wires out of my non modular psu thinking it was normal lol but thanks again you've been amazing help
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