Ground wires popped out of USB 2.0 Connector

Hello everybody. I am a bit twitchy because I just built my gaming rig and noticed a major issue. The front USB 2.0 isn't working. I took a look everything and found that two black ( I am guessing ground ) wires are popped out of the USB 2.0 header. Oh no. What do I do? My case is the Switch 810. Can I put them back in?


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  1. Okay. So I talked to some people and they told me that the little metal bit comes out and is secured by that plastic tab. I need to pull the tab gently and take out the metal bit. I then need to put the wire back into the metal bit and secure it somehow. Finally, I slide the metal bit back into the tabbed area and done. Is that correct?
  2. It turns out it was a factory defect. There was barely any actual wire in the "wire". Thankfully, I had some spare. Fixed by soldering new wire to the pin.
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