Asus 280 DC2T Getting random crashes (Display driver has stopped working and recovered)

-Sigh- Everything is always going wrong in my build every week.... Anyways on to the topic at hand; I'm having of course issues with my new 280x that I just got 2days ago. Gaming wise is fine for about 3-4 hours but when i'm just browsing the internet I get driver crashes and it'll just recover and other times it'll reboot my hole system for some reason.. One more thing I noticed was when I first installed it, my pc slowed down a bit but not too much to where it was noticeable. At the end of the day though i'm pretty fed up with it and not quite so sure what to do now because I don't know if it's a driver issue or just a faulty card and need to get a replacement, any help is HIGHLY appreciated.
Intel 4670k
PSU: Thermaltake 750W gold certified
GPU: Asus 280x DC2T
Mobo : MSI G45
RAM : 8gb G.skill
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    First solution is to go to the amd site, and install the latest non-beta drivers. The rest of your system look fine, even your psu is great. If installing new drivers does not work, the only other solution will be perform a clean install of windows (will have to google how to do this) and back up all of your information on your computer to the harddrive before doing so
  2. If this does not work, you may have to see about getting a new card
  3. Try raising the gpu voltage or underclocking to see if it still crashes. If this fixes it you need to RMA for a new one.
  4. Do not raise the voltage unless you are well informed on how to overclock. Just underclock the card by 100mhz on the core clock and memory clock and do not touch the voltage
  5. Ok, I will do that. Thanks for the quick responses!
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