Intel i5 3.0ghz - 3.2Turbo - Best for around $150?

Just wanted to get peoples opinions on this CPU I want to build a Gaming PC that Rocks pretty much but also be able to do some editing, and obvious every day multitasking.

I don't really want to go above $150.00 for a CPU but this one seems pretty nice.
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    That is a great price for a 3rd gen i5. What do you have now?
  2. well I have a i5 in my Asus laptop but I am thinking of building a Cooler Master Elite 130 and aside from getting a smaller motherboard everything else is ok to have the same size so I looked up some CPU''s and I just like intel so... thought for an i5 it was good.

    I don't know much about AMD and the other brands so don't know how to compare so that's why I posted on here
  3. Yeah that would be a pretty good mini-ITX setup
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