getting old windows partition to work after motherboard and cpu switch

i know that a reinstall is mandated with the way windows vista and later work with regards to the HAL, but would it not be possible to simply replace the bits of windows that are necessary with the ones from a fresh install on a new drive?

i see no reason why this couldnt be done, but id like to have it done without having to read through a massive tome on windows internals, if only for the sake of having a working system without having to wait a month.

thus far ive tried replacing hal.dll, hal.inf and hal.pnf, all with no success, is it at all possible that the crash is caused by drivers? if so is there any way of removing them in some automated fashion without being able to boot the installation itself?
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  1. Why try to do things the hard way? Just do the reinstall. There's much more than just some file copying involved (think hundreds of registry entries).
  2. do registry entries differ massively amongst hardware setups?
  3. Yes, each set is unique to the individual installation.
  4. whats to stop me merging the old registry with the new one?
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    In the time you have spent in this thread you could have had Windows installed already. The biggest problem is even if you get it running it will most likely not be stable forcing you to have to do a reinstall anyway. Everything about your motherboard and all of its hardware is written to the registry and that is just one onf the things that is missing with the old install. Just do a reinstall and the setup your app's and games and be done with it. It is really the best way to go.
  6. woodscrews said:
    whats to stop me merging the old registry with the new one?

    Nothing at all is stopping you. However, assuming that it actually boots afterward (highly unlikely), you'll never be able to stabilize such a system. But, it's your system, knock yourself out.
  7. bah, guess i need to book up on the way windows does things

    if only it was possible to transfer configuration and automate software installation as cleanly and efficiently as it is on GNU/Linux with the same lack of hassle
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