Transfer files from old laptop hdd to Macbook Pro?

Hi, I recently dug up an SATA hard drive (wd2500bevt) from some old HP laptop. Can I can transfer the files to my Macbook Pro? which is running OS 10.9.

I believe the laptop that the hdd was on was running Vista, if that matters at all.

If this is possible, what adapter/enclosure do I need to buy? I already bought one off Ebay and it turned out to be IDE and didn't fit, so I was hoping to get a solid recommendation. Thanks in advance.
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  1. you'd need a sata to usb adapter to transfer the files over but you'd need to power the hard drive when doing so otherwise it just wont work cause there obvs no power to the drive
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    here a in's and out's videos just telling you everything you need to know about the cables for example what they do if you didn't know and how to transfer the data
  3. Okay good to know, thanks. I probably wouldn't have gotten the one with the power cord without your advice
  4. no problem, not everyone realizes you have to power the drive or that some sata to usb adapters come with power cords cause you'd be stumped with out power to the drive
  5. Also, will I have any problems with formatting the data? Since it might be NTFS? I don't want to accidently delete my data!
  6. you shouldnt have any problems at all and most cases you wont need to format the data cause they should be all on the same format depending on how old your hdd actually is but normally you should be able to plug your hdd in power it up and move all the data right on over to your mac but you could always go an put another operating system on your mac because they support more than one for example you could be running mountain lion or newer and have windows 7 open at the same time and transfer the data for the hdd to your windows 7 operating system but it will work with any problems!
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