Installing SSD - Clean Win7 install

I just got a Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD and had a few questions about installing it.

1. What are the basic steps for installing the SSD?

2. The instructions aren't terribly clear about which way up the SSD should be - should the Samsung logo be facing upwards or downwards?

3. When reinstalling drivers, is it only my GPU which will need drivers reinstalled or will others need to be reinstalled?

4. Once Win7 is installed, is it ok to format my current HDD? How should I do this (do I select quick format or not)?

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  1. 1. you can screw it wherever you want. unlike mechanical disks it doesn't need perfect stillness.
    2. preferably with the details text below. but it will work either side up. it's not affected by how it's placed.
    3. depends on your exact config. but typically windows 7+ will have most of the drivers and you will need just the graphics updated, yes.
    4. you should unplug the current hdd while you install the new os and plug it back in once everything is set. you can then keep the data on the hdd or delete some of it or format it all, it's up to you really.
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