Could anyone give me any suggestions for a £700 build please?

I will use the pc for gaming mainly, so I need a pretty decent CPU and a good GPU.
I play on games like BF3/BF4/DayZ/GTA (when it comes out on PC)

I play on DayZ the most out of these games, and it relies heavily on having a good CPU. I was wondering if we could squeeze an i5-3570K in the build?

Any thoughts?
MAX BUDGET IS £700. I can't go any higher than this. This must include CPU, motherboard, ram, graphics card, hard drive (preferably 1 TB caviar black), case, power supply, and OS.

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  1. Check this link. You can chose something like an R9 280X if you want an ATI/AMD graphics card... The price is a smudge less than GBP700
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    Do you need a case?
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