i am sliing my pc i want to know what power supply ill need.

so i have a intel i7 4770 NO K. one galaxy hof gtx 780 geforce graphics card and one geforce gtx660 ti graphics card. i currently have a 750w power supply with my one gtx780 but when i add the gtx660ti what power supply do i need to upgrade to. i estimate 950 w. am i right. pls pls pls leave ur seggistion what power supply i get with these two graphics cards and this processor what w power supply will i need. thx.
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  1. You cannot sli a gtx 780 with a 660, you need 2 cards with the same chip ( 2 780's or 2 660's)
  2. is the 750 power supply 80PLUS certified? if it then the 750 will do great but it is not then I would only attach the 780 to the psu (power supply unit). 950 would only be needed if want three way SLI (meaning three graphics cards connect to each other through a SLI bridge). When it comes to SLI you need to have two tree or four identical cards (in 660TI case you can add a maximum of two additional 660TI - so three in total) so you will need to see what the SLI configuration the certain cards supports.
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