Gaming PC upgrade

My current gaming pc specs::
msi 970a-g46
8gb vengence ram
gtx 560 ti
corsair 500w psu
64GB crucial m4
1tb seagate hdd

upgrade plan::
msi 970a-g46
8gb vengence ram
gtx 770
corsair 750w psu
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  1. Thoughts??
  2. Best answer
    A 700W PSU will be fine... Other than that, the upgrade looks good. However, if you plan on changing the motherboard you may want to consider buying an Intel processor.
  3. Love the CPU choice.
    Did you consider a 280x? (if the price is right)
    Are you upgrading the SSD?
    Really need a water cooler? Lots of air coolers are great, quieter, and cheaper.
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