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I had an old dell lappy which stopped working so I took the 120GB Toshiba hdd out and made it into a portable hdd now it was working fine and still does but in my pc which has Windows Vista and a 400W PSU it seems that its not getting power since i cant hear the spin but a click click noise but in my laptop which is much weaker but has win 7 it works very smoothly, whats the issue in my PC? Also theres a tick tick sound when i plug usb in back usb panel but absolutely nothing except the led on front panel how is this possible? My usb slots are in working condition as i tested them with my usb cord and android phone but why not my hdd? I also checked usb root hub properties and unchecked "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. It doesnt show up in Computer>manage either as I cannot hear it spin but works fine in my laptop
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  1. Is the enclosure powered by USB or an external power supply?

  2. Y0GI said:
    Is the enclosure powered by USB or an external power supply?


    A USB only, like a passport portable HDD
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    Sounds like your laptop just supplies more power to the USB ports. Not much that you can do except to get another enclosure with external (mains) power supply.

    On second thought, you may be able to get another USB cable that has 2 plugs on the computer end and one plug on the HDD end. That would supply the power of 2 USB ports. Some external HDD come that way.

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