Can't get past 4.4ghz on my i5 3570k. is it the mobo?

Hi everyone, this is my first post on tom's so if i make a mistake please correct me!
Basically i'm looking to get my i5 3570k to 4.5ghz but i'm currently maxed at 4.4ghz. I've tried every adjustment such as llc, vcore, voltage phase etc. any help would be appreciated.My system specs are as follows:-

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  1. Many IB and Haswell CPUs have a hard time going much beyond 4.3GHz - particularly with an average aftermarket cooler. You might have better luck by de-lidding your CPU (risky) or swapping out your H60 for a H100 or higher-end tower HSF.

    IIRC, the H60 performs about on par with the Hyper 212+ and there are plenty of aftermarket options that can drop core temperatures by another 10-12C below the 212+'s for a given overclock. For IB and Haswell overclocking, every degree matters.

    The H60 (or 212+/EVO) simply does not cut it if you want to squeeze more serious overclocks out of Intel's 22nm CPUs.
  2. before i installed service pack 1 i could get a stable overclock of 4.5ghz, but i was only getting 62/63 gflops when running intel burn test. after updating to service pack 1 i can only get to a stable 4.4ghz but my gflops when running IBT shot up to 121 gflops.Can't figure out why this has happened. Do you think the corsair h100i will cool it much better? I run IBT on maximum and get temps of 78/79 degrees.
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    Between the h60 with the stock fan and h100 with fans on high, you get around 9-10C difference on Sandy...

    The improvement on IB/Haswell would likely be less due to the gap between the die and IHS.
  4. Had a read of that. i'll go with getting myself an h100i and selling my h60 on ebay. As you say every degree counts. Cheers.
  5. Even with the h90 keeping temps down for me windows will bsod
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