NZXT Sentry 2 Fan Controller with LED's?

Hi. I know that the NZXT Sentry 2 is a fan controller, but i was wondering, can it also be used to control led strips? The LED strips I am planning to use are these (link) and I would like to use three of them:
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    Doubtful, more often then not you have to buy specific LEDs that have the capability to be dimmed. Since those strips you linked did not mention that ability, chances are they would flicker or not dim well if provided less than 12v. (which is what the Sentry 2 would do when set to less than 100%)

    But then again I've never used those exact strips. But I have tried to dim LED's with that controller and it doesn't always have the desired effect.
  2. OK. Thanks alot for your help!
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