Is my psu is able to run sapphire hd 7770 1gb ?

hey friends plz tell me that my psu is able to run sapphire hd 7770 1gb

I m not sure about my psu wattage,
I m telling u what is written in my psu's sticker

Connector-20 4 Pin,2 Sata,2HDD,Fan
Ac Output-220V 4A/50Hz
Dc Output- 5V 12V 3.3V -12V
29A 18A 30A 0.5


bottom of sticker (3.3V&5V=85WMax)

any can tell me that how much Watt psu i have??and is it able to run hd 7770 1gb?? plz guys plz give some time for my Q
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  1. I need to know your model of computer or at the very least the PSU model in order to help you. Providing the PSU sticker information isn't going to make anything bad happen...
  2. my psu is not branded(intex) and my cpu is dualcore g620
  3. My mistake I thought you had said "I am not telling you what is on my PSU sticker". Is there no model number on it? Every PSU even unbranded has a model number on it.
  4. classic-450 , i find it on internet but i cant find on it
  5. Best answer
    The 450 is probably the wattage. If that is the case then you should be fine.
  6. one thing more sapphire hd 7770 comes with molex 6pin connector
  7. ????
  8. I am pretty sure it does although I am not 100% sure.
  9. thanks for your help
  10. gamerbuddy said:
    thanks for your help

    Glad I could help. Can you select my answer as being the solution so the thread is closed.
  11. sure!!!!!
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