cooler master k380 OR cooler master HAF 912

please help me out guys, my main concern is airflow and I don't see any big difference between these two but, the price differs a lot so which one should i chose ? I don't under stand why HAF priced higher
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  1. HAF is better than K380, in terms of performance, and build, so it costs high. If you can stress the budget go with HAF 912, will last for more than 10 years.
  2. thank you :) but does that means thing will be a lot cooler in HAF than K380? please give a look at my other question I've been struggling to find a right budget cabinet here
  3. Yes HAF means that "High Air Flow". And not only that it is strongly build, and choice for thousands of users for a long period of time.

    I checked your list on the other thread, so I would like to suggest you go with HAF or Corsair Carbide 400R, you also need space for components, so its better to go with a big case, small cases may costs you less, but you will struggle to fit components inside. Good luck.
  4. OK then I liked Corsair Carbide 400R's looks,but even if HAF has slightly better chance at cooling,cleaning and dust filters I would go for it what do you think? and do you think these cases are better than my original favorite NZXT tempest 410 ? I liked it ventilation ,airflow,dust filter solutions. heat reduction and dust are my main finally
    Cooler master HAF 912
    Corsair Carbide 400R
    NZXT tempest 410
    (this one might cost more than the actual face price, because i need to get it shipped from far still, I wouldn't mind spending on it if it's better than other cases)
    so this is my shortlist now, and thank you so much for helping me out so far :)
  5. Out of three I would choose HAF or Carbide 400R. When choosing a case always look for the build, on how solid it is. Then it comes to cooling, dust filters, cable management, size, design, layout.

    NZXT is good but in looks and not in performance, the material used is cheap, and will not last longer. Read some reviews online for better understanding.

    Good luck.
  6. that's my problem, there is so much dust around here,and it gets pretty hot too, you know I'm leaving near a sea and right below the equator so you get the picture, I'm tired of cleaning my cabinet every month for a whole day. so unfortunately I would have to chose cooling, dust filters, cable management, size, layout first I just saw a you tube review on Carbide 400R it has dust filter in the bottom, but I'm not sure it has for front back and definitely not for top so is it possible to clean front panel fans in this case ? and I saw a bunch of HAF review they didn't mention any dust filters :( do you know anything about it ?
  7. The 912 has only a simple dustfilter at the front,the side and top are open.
  8. Yeah that is the problem with every case, they are not fully dust proof. Whichever case you choose will not protect you from dust fully, but somewhat.

    HAF 912 has removable dust filters on the bottom and front cover. You can try HAF 922, which has some protection for dust, and better cooling option.
  9. so this is my final short list and I don't mind even if the cabinet si bit clumsy

    Cooler master HAF 912 combat Review
    Corsair carbide 400r Review
    Lancoolpc K-58 Review
    (or anything from the Dragon series)

    I would really like here your opinion on dragon works almost as same as the HAF 912 and has more options for lesser price ! I just can't decide which one to chose
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    I wouldn't go for Dragon series. And still I vote for CM or Corsair. Don't go with cheap cases they are rather flimsy. Good luck.
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