1080p IPS vs 1440p IPS Help!

Hi there! I went to view a Monitor at Currys today and it looked fantastic - AOC i2769Vm - I was wondering if the 1440p equivalents will be much better! Help please!
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  1. 1440p has more pixels so that means you will be less able to distinguish the individual pixels, it is a better display. just beware that it takes more graphics power to run it
  2. I only have a GTX 660 - I will eventually upgrade to an r9 290 card but not yet - Plus my budget is only £350 for the monitor...MAX.
  3. the r9 290 will push 30+ fps on BF4 at ultra 1440p
  4. Do you have an r9 290 or are you just guessing? I don't play BF4 or any FPS games like that any way!
  5. actually there are many benchmarks out there fro he gpu. are you gaming at all? I ask because you mentioned you did not play fps games.. I am guessing you are playing other types of is benchmark for Bf3 in which it gets 60 fps. at 1440.

    And here are benchmarks for BF4.. the 290 is not in thre but 280x and 290x are. so you can get a reasonable idea where the performance would be in that game. ( between 50 and 60 fps ) :,8.html

    the 290 is between the 770 and titan, its safe to assume that it willl never go below 30 fps
  7. Again, I'm not playing BF4, so the GPU would be good for 1440p? I don't mind putting games down to High settings, I play things like Devil may Cry and the Batman series :)
  8. those games are not nearly as demanding. We use bf4 as a reference not to say you are playing that game. but it is one of the most demanding games available right now. so if it played bf4 at 1440p ultra settings. at 50-60 fps, you should get at least that in older games like the ones you are playing. This is why bf3 and 4 were mentioned. :D
  9. The most demanding game I play I think is Crysis 3 but I'm not a huge fan so don't often touch it!
  10. Jakson: I said "one of the most demanding games" I agree Crysis 3 is about the same on demands. according to this you get 51fps in crysis 3. which is about what you get in bf4 at the same resolution and roughly equivalent settings :D
  11. I know you said one of the most demanding games XD I was merely telling you want my most demanding was, but if it gets that then I'll upgrade to that GPU, now back to the monitor. I thought the 1080p IPS looked fantastic and is £130 cheaper (a lot of money to me) than the 1440p IPS of the same dimensions. Is the 1440p worth it? what about 2560x1080 IPS?
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    Simple misunderstanding. no worries :D on the monitor, I upgraded from an envision 22" tn panel to my asus 3d IPS 1080P 24" panel. and it was night and day! colors were much more vibrant and overall picture quality was much better and brighter. it was night and day! as for 1440p, personally I am waiting for 4K to become reasonable and better performing.
  13. I think I shall stick with 1080p but in IPS than go for 1440p!
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