Need help in buying a processor, motherboard,ram and hard disk in Rs 15000 for my first gaming desktop.

I have explored net and i found
fx 6300 7500
gigabyte ga78 lmt 3000
corsair vengence4gb 2900
seagate barracida 500gb 3500
total 16900
is a good for my first gaming desktop.
Do anybody agree.
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  1. That's a good value system but the motherboard is not one i would recommend. I would suggest at least an AMD motherboard 970 chipset.
    I can recommend a motherboard if you like?
    What graphics card will you use?

    Also what is the currency? Rs?
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  3. In rs.
    I think gtx 650ti 1gb will be a good.
    If anybody want to suggest a good system
    please suggest.
  4. Price is good...but Hard Drive is not too Perfect for your Gaming Desktop...
    For a good Gaming Desktop...
    Graphic Card upto 4gb
    Processor i5 or i3......i7 can't buy in 15000 Rupees
    You also made this Desktop for playing only some good games not in too Huge quantity...:)
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