Will my cpu bottleneck gtx 760

hi guys, i'm about to buy a gtx 760 but i'm afraid that my old cpu (i3 550) will bottleneck this card. If it will bottleneck this card then please give me a budget motherboard, cpu and rams that will run fine with a gtx 760. I have around $550 in budget. Thank you.
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  2. CTurbo said:

    Why 1155 socket? I think is better to go for i5 1150 socket.
  3. Because a i5 3330 for $159 is a great deal.
  4. would a fx 6300 do the job?
  5. Yes it would and it is also a great value for $109-119, but it's not as good as the i5 3330.
  6. thank you. because i have to buy 8gb ram and a motherboard too so i have to get a cheaper cpu. What do you suggest?
  7. Cheaper than what? You said your budget is $550. What all does that include? You could get the i5 3330, that B75 motherboard, RAM, and the GTX 760 for under $550.
  8. If you wanna save more money go for fx 6300.
    As CTurbo said can handle the gtx 760.
  9. Thank you for your helps guys!
  10. ln206 said:
    Thank you for your helps guys!

    You are welcome :)
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